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Brief History of jhelum


Jhelum is one of the oldest district of Punjab. It is situated on the bank of river Jhelum was known to Muhammadan historian as the wihat or bihatab, corruptions of its Sanskrit name “Vitasta”. The Alexander historian however called it Hydaspes while its modern Kashmiri name is veth. The history of the district dates back to the hindu mythological period of Mahabharata. The epic represent the salt range as the refuge of five Pandava brethren during the period of their exile. The country is still studded with interesting relics of antiquity among which the most noticeable are the ruined temple of katas built around about the 8th or 9th century or perhaps of Buddhist origin. At Jhelum town an old mound yielded utensil of Greek shape and the remains of an old Kashmiri temple in the year 1904. Ancient forts of Rohtas Girjkah and Kusak are still present. Jhelum is situated on the north western highway many conquers entered India from the Greek to the Mughal and they made it a land of fortresses. It also turned its people into hereditary warriors. The most important historical event is the battle between Alexander and Raja Porus. Alexander won this battle and before moving further he established a village on west bank of the river which he called boucephilia which is present day Jhelum city.


Judicial System of District Jhelum

In 1849 Jhelum passed with the rest of six territories into the power of British. It was in this year that the foundation of modern days judicial system were laid. The first court was established in Pind Dadan Khan. When Sir John Lawrence and administrator of Punjab started working in Punjab. In 1850 the headquarter was shifted from Pind Dadan Khan to Jhelum. Initially it had four Tehsils Jhelum, Pind Dadan Khan, Chakwal and Tala Gang. In 1904 tehsil Tala Gang was separated and it formed part of district Attock. Each of the remaining tehsils was under a Tehsildar and a Naib Tehsildar. The deputy commissioner was added by three assistant or extra assistant commissioners. One of them was in charge of sub division and another of district treasury. The deputy commissioner as district magistrate was responsible for criminal justice. Civil judicial work was under  a District judge. And both the officers were sub ordinate to the divisional and session judge Jhelum. There were three Munsif, one at headquarter and one in each tehsil. According to the gazetteer of Punjab of 1904 the predominant form of crime was cattle theft and murder was also frequent.

At present the strength of the courts working in the district is:


The rate of crime in the district is low as is apparent from the following statistics:

Case Category

No. of cases

Murder Cases


Other than Murder Cases


Narcotics Cases





Prominent Personalities

            Many important judicial personalities served in district Jhelum the most prominent among them were:

1.     Justice AR Cornelious who served as a magistrate at Pind Dadan Khan in 1930.



2.     Rabia Qari first lady barrister belong to district Jhelum



3.     Barrister Muhammad Noor Aalam was also one of the prominent figures.




4.     Gulzar, Indian poet and film director

5.     Inder Kumar Gujral, former prime minister of India

6.     Major Muhammad Akram, Pak army officer, Nishan-e-Haider awarded

7.     General Asif Nawaz Janjua, former Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan

8.     Manmohan Singh, former prime minister of India was born in village of Gah, District Chakwal, then part of Jhelum District

Many judges and advocates belonging to district Jhelum were elevated to the Lahore high court. The prominent among them are:

1. Honourable Justice Chaudhary Fazal Kareem, judge supreme court of Pakistan

2. Honourable Justice Chaudhary Iftikhar ex chief justice, Lahore high court



3. Honourable Justice Khwaja Imtiaz ex chief justice, Lahore high court



4. Honourable Justice Zabt ul Hassan, Lahore high court

5. Honourable Justice Malik Anwar ul Haq, Lahore high court



6. Honourable Justice Shahid Kareem, Lahore high court


Honourable Mr. Justice Qazi Gul Muhammad and Honourable Justice Mr. Zia Mehmood Mirza were also elevated from Jhelum. Although they belong to Chakwal which was separated from district Jhelum 1992. 

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